CONTESTED LAND is conceived and directed by Second Echo Ensemble member Charlie Smith. Charlie is working with ideas that are both quietly political and socially evocative. His research and studio work are investigating the history of nations, conflicts both embodied and landscaped, and lines drawn in the sand. CONTESTED LAND is a creative process and series of questions. How do we claim a right to land? Who has the right to call somewhere home? Will there be any home to be fought over if we don't take better care of it?

"I want the audience to feel like 'should I be here or not'. It is welcoming but I want them to question, I want it to be unexpected. I want to put people on the edge of their seats. I want the people to hold onto their chairs. It's right in their faces - because there is a power in it." - Charlie Smith, Director

March 20 The Shinobi Experiment Moonah Taste of the World Festival

June 20 Hal'cyon with Tasdance at Dark MOFO

July 1 Contested Land ​at Room to Move, Dancehouse, Victoria

July 30 Rowallan House opening celebration

September 20-30 RITE OF SPRING, Salamanca Moves Festival Hobart

September 26 The Step, Salamanca Moves Festival Hobart

September 30, The A.W.A.R.D Show, Salamanca Moves Festival Hobart

November  Choir of High Hopes, Peacock Theatre Hobart

December 4 # OnDisplay, Salamanca Arts Centre Hobart and New York USA

December 5-9 RAWspace Residency at the Theatre Royal

December 9 Showing of Contested Land at the Theatre Royal Backspace



March 6 Moonah Arts Centre Opening​, Moonah, Tasmania

March 26 RAWspace, Tasmanian International Arts Festival, Hobart, Tasmania

June 18-20 In the Making ​ Moonah Arts Centre, Tasmania

June 27 Rite of Spring Development, Undercover Artist Festival, Bille Brown Studio, Brisbane, Queensland

July 2 Optia rebranding launch, Mawson's Pavilion, Hobart, Tasmania

July 28 Australian Cultural Fund Promotional Video Shoot, Melbourne, Victoria

August 21 Kickstart Arts Centre Opening​, Newtown, Tasmania

September 2 Gearing Up Expo​, PW1, Hobart, Tasmania

September 9 Gearing Up Expo​, Tailrace Centre, Launceston, Tasmania

September 16  Gearing Up Expo, Burnie Arts and Function Centre, Burnie, Tasmania

September 23-26 Spring, Waterworks Reserve, Hobart, Tasmania

November 21 Hobart Christmas Pageant, Tasmania

November 29, International Day of People with a Disability, Long Beach, Tasmania

December 4 # IdefineME, Salamanca Arts Centre Hobart and New York University NY, USA

December 3-5 ​Fire, Kelly's Garden, Salamanca Arts Centre, Tasmania

2017 Performance calendar

  Where to see CONTESTED LAND. A list in progress..

  March 18 RAWspace, Ten Days on the Island, Hobart, Tasmania

​  April 7 You Are Here Festival​, Canberra

2016 Performance calendar

More 2017 Appearances

January 21-22, MOFO, Hobart

March 12, MoMa, Hobart

​June 10, Launch of the Museum of Everything, MONA, Hobart

2015 Performance calendar