2017 Ensemble:​​

Creative Provocateur + Producer: Kelly Drummond Cawthon
Musical Provocateurs:
Michael Fortescue, Matthew Fargher
Design Provocateur:
Roz Wren

Film Crew: Sandi Sissel, Jack Cawthon
Deviser/ Performers: Luke Campbell, Aidan Chick, Rodrigo Diaz-Icasuriaga, Alma Faludi, David Montgomery, Alexandra Morris-Baguley, Bridget Nicklason-King, Elise Romaszko, Charlie Smith, William Webster, Bella Young.

Guest Artist: ​Anna-Maria Väisänen

Production Crew: Sam Cole

Founding Director: Finegan Kruckemeyer
Producing Partner: 
Tasmanian Theatre Company

The Second Echo Ensemble is a curiosity-driven ensemble that values and grows creative relationships, unique perspectives, and group devised physical theatre practice. At the core of Second Echo is the ensemble of deviser/performers. The majority are young adults, many of whom live with intellectual disabilities and have been members of the group since its inception. Inclusion and diversity are at the heart of the ensemble's goals. Our work is not simply about access or equality. We are about new ways of thinking and new opportunities for engagement with a diverse pool of creative talent, serving both to widen and deepen the possibilities for the creative practices and conversations of the future.